Amazing experience

Our Salkantay trek to Machu Pichu was one of the most amazing experience. Our guide Juve, the chefs Mario and Cesar were excellent. Juve was very informative and knowledgable. Mario's cooking was incredible and the cake that he baked for us on the last day was a great surprise. How he managed to make it in a tent without an oven is beyond belief. Both Alvin and Wilder were very helpful too.

Your suggestion for a break at hot spring Cocalmayu at Santa Teresa was very refreshing, we thoroughly enjoyed the hot springs after the hard trek.

I would highly recommend Inca Trekkers and your team to others who may wish to trek to Machu Pichu.

Mayura, (London (July 2015)

Best Trekking Group for Inca Trail. Don't miss out!

Yesterday was one of my proudest moments of my own accomplishments. My sister Morag and I finished in the Inca Trail and although exhausted felt elated from our experience.

Thank you Morag for helping me to check this off my bucket list. You are my best friend, sister and hold a special place in my heart always.

My journey started with the clear and concise communication with Juvenal. The website for IncaTrekkers is detailed and any questions were responded to promptly.

Edwind our guide is one of the most patient, encouraging and positive people I have met. He certainly needed it with me and I appreciate all he did believing in me. Thank you Edwind.

Mario our chef prepared 5 star meals in tenting conditions. At times I had to ask for half portions as the food was so good and plentiful. I struggled to eat the many courses and enjoyed the flavours in every bite.

Federico, Damien, Florentino and Philippe our porters were flawless. Not only do these men hike with all the supplies required for our survival. They do this with attentive care and huge smiles on their faces. Every detail including hot coca tea served in our tents each morning, hot water and soap mornings, noon and evenings to wash and waiting on me as one of the last to arrive with an energetic high five!!

Every moment of this life altering experience goes hand in hand with IncaTrekkers.

To each of you who made this journey with me a heartfelt thank you.


Faye Peterson (North Bay, Ontario, Canada)

Trip of a life time

I just returned from what has been literally a trip of a lifetime. My sister Faye and I just completed the 4-day, 3-night Inca Trail with IncaTrekkers. Our guide Edwind, our chef Mario and our fabulous porters Federico, Damien, Florentino, and Phillipe made up our group. My sister and I were a bit naive when it came to fully understanding the difficulty of hiking the Inca trail. We had some tough days and gruelling moments but seeing our porters along the trail hard at work helped us to soldier on. The support the whole team gave us went above and beyond what was expected. From the ongoing coaching and encouragement from Edwind while on the trail, to the interesting stories and history lessons of the beautiful country we were passing through, the journey was remarkable. We were treated to first class service and five star food. We fully appreciated the delicious and hearty meals that Mario prepared for us daily. The support of the whole team working together to ensure we were looked after helped soothe away the personal physical struggles of the trail. When it came time to say our heartfelt goodbyes to what had become our new Inca Trail family, the words were difficult to find that would appropriately thank the team for all their support. We tip our hearts and hats to Inca Trekkers. We couldn't have done it without you! Tupananchiskama!

Morag Condon, Toronto (April 2015)

It was not the destination, but the journey to get there that was amazing

I was part of a group of five (2 of them being my friends and 1 German couple). Our group was small, but that was to our advantage since it was easier to manage and move along in a smaller group. Juve, our guide, was always attentive to our needs. He made us feel like a family. I remember just joking with him that I was doubting my ability to finish the 4 day trek and he told me that he would carry me through the whole trail if he had to (he was being serious). Just knowing that I had his support helped me will myself to the highest point in the trail which was on Day 2 and make my way through the whole hike.

The food that we had on the trail was amazing. It totally exceeded my expectations. I looked forward to the dinners we had at night because we would all crack jokes while sipping on our tea. It really felt like we were a family which is what Juve had emphasized to us at the beginning of the trip. Also, the cook and the porters that Juve hires are people from the highlands (where he resides) to help with extra work so that they can put themselves through school. You can totally tell when he’s relating the history of the Incan ruins that he’s passionate about his ancestors and the history behind it.

In the end, when we got to Machu Picchu, it was beautiful, but what made my trip was everything that was going on in between getting to Machu Picchu. The trail is beautiful, there’s lots of history to be talked about, and you receive a lot of support from Juve and the porters. I have tremendous respect for what they do and for those reading this don’t think twice about booking with IncaTrekkers. I was happy I did. Thanks for everything Juve.

Toan Doan USA San Diego, CA (October 2013)

Thoroughly professional, and highly recommended.

My husband and I recently did the Lares Trek with Juve. He is the owner and one of the lead guides for the local company "Inca Trekkers". It was an amazing hike and the 3 days exceeded our expectations on many different levels.

As a guide Juve was attentive and thoughtful. He knows the highland village life in detail having grown up in one himself, and his ability to converse in Quechua with the locals gave us a unique insight into their lives and had them inviting us into their homes. He also brings the Incan history to life telling stories along the way, and has a knowledge of the local flora and fauna - testament to the university education that guides have to undertake in Peru.

The group of porters and chef he had assembled were also very helpful and friendly, and importantly to us were people from the highlands who Juve was trying to help with extra work to supplement their subsistence farming life. They were always prepared with hot water to wash, our camp set up and neatly arranged, and delicious meals - some of the best we had whilst in Peru all made from the back of a tent!

Machu Picchu was an incredible place to visit, especially with Juve along side relating the history. It was certainly a highlight of our time in Peru along with the opportunities to meet the villagers in getting there.

Taya VH, Australia {June 2012}

Juvenal is your perfect guide

Juvenal is your perfect guide through the Highlands of Peru. He grew up in these mountains, he shares with us his heritage and gives us an insight into this world that few other guides are able to do. He is passionate, compassionate, patient and kind. Walking with Juvenal you will be in the best hands. Let him walk you through his world and his culture - you will be thrilled! I have had the pleasure of enjoying many fantastic guides in Peru, and I promise: Juvenal is one of the best! Have a wonderful journey! Anna-Marie Haugen, Tour leader, Norway.

I will always think of the Trek with fond memories

There were four of us on the trip, and some with higher levels of hiking ability than others. Juve made sure we took breaks if anyone needed them. He also spoke to us a lot about the plant life and stories surrounding us during the trek, and answered our questions. He gave us just the right amount of individual time and guided time.

Juve was incredible. The guided tour at MP went above and beyond. I learned a lot and really appreciated the whole trip.

The menus exceeded my expectations. The food was absolutely incredible. I never thought that cooking out of a tent would produce such fantastic meals. The menu was varied and nutritious. The food was so tasty and helped me save energy for the treks. The deserts were great. The food was one of the highlights on the trip! Also, one of my friends on the trek had dietary needs and the chef went above and beyond to make him delicious alternatives.

I really enjoyed my entire experience with Incatrekkers. Machu Picchu was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. Juve was so friendly. I will always think of the Trek with fond memories.
Thank you so much.


A feeling of personally escorted special guests

Travelling the Inca Trail is a great experience...traveling the ancient trail with Juvenal was beyond imagination. Like traveling back in time and walking with the ancient culture through the most breathtaking mountains we have ever experienced. Juvenal was raised and still lives among the local mountain communicates. At the same time he was educated in a university and constantly provides historical, geological, cultural and anthropological insight and knowledge. His passion for honoring his ancient culture and sharing it with us was amazing. Instead of having a tour guide, we felt like we were being personally escorted as special guests of his own family throughout their special lands. Although the trails are very challenging, we were treated like royalty by the guides, the cooks and the porters. By the end of our trip, our small group of new friends felt like part of Jevenal's family. His ability to ensure that all our needs were met and all of our desires were exceeded was inspiring. We will never forget the overwhelming experience.

David & Rachel Deal

Impressive deep knowledge of the Inca sites

My wife and I walked the classic four day Inca Trail in September 2009 with Juve as our guide. Right from the start we were struck as much by Juve's obvious passion for his people's cultural heritage, as by his deep knowledge of the Inca sites we passed on the way to Macchu Picchu. We were impressed by his ability to bring context to the Inca remains and how he was able to offer up both the most recent archaeological hypotheses as well as his own personal opinions on what we saw along the trail. It was refreshing to be invited to think about what we were seeing, rather than to simply be lectured. Juve's enthusiasm was highly infectious and by the end of the trail we felt sad to be leaving the group which Juve had shaped into a "family".

Stafford Lowe & Laura Farge

Great experience on the Lares trek

We did the 3 days Lares trek with the forth day in Machu Picchu. It was an absolutely great experience to hike this fabolous landscape with its high mountains and grassy lands. Juve was a great guide and he is very knowledgeable about just everything that deals with Peru, Incas, the highlands, flora and fauna. We felt always safe and even when we took the wrong turn of the trail he was suddenly there guiding us back to the right track. Also the cook and his assistants did a great job and we had great meals every day. Everybody cared and provided excellent service. We can only recommend to do a trekking with Juve and his staff. You will never forget it.

Patrick & Fabiano

A beautiful and challenging trip

When I signed up for the Inca Trail hike I had no idea what it would be like. I found out very quickly that it was a beautiful but challenging trip. Juve was a wonderful guide whose patience and friendliness made the trip so much better than I expected. Since he is native to the area and cares so much about his heritage, his love of the people and culture showed in everything he taught us along the way. Juve's sense of humor and knowledge kept us all interested in what we saw around us, even when we had been hiking uphill for hours. I truly believe our group had a better experience than those who had guides from other areas of Peru. I found myself thinking that he should start his own company and I'm thrilled to know he is making his dream come true. You will not regret letting Juve show you the wonders of the Inca Trail!"


Highly competent guide

My finance and I did the 4day/3night Lares Cultural Trek to Machu Picchu in Fall 2009. Juve was our guide. He is highly competent. He knows a great deal about Quechua culture and Andean flora / fauna. The equipment and meals were quality and he was able to effectively communicate in both English and Spanish. I wholly recommend Juve for Andean treks.


A fulfilling and enriching experience

In December 2009 I had the rewarding experience of hiking the Inka Trail and having Juvenal as the guide for our group of 14 people. During these four days I found Juvenal to be extremely competent and caring when dealing with our group. Juvenal was able to share his knowledge and passion for Peru, the people, the history, and the culture in a way that all members of the group benefited from having him as our guide. I can say without hesitation that my Inca Trail experience would not have been as fulfilling and enriching had Juvenal not been my guide. I would highly recommend Juvenal to other travellers and I look forward to doing another trek with him sometime in the future.

Jeniffer T., Vancouver, Canada

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