Inca Trekkers is a 100% Peruvian-Quechua company that prides itself on its commitment to local communities. The founder origins from a local mountain community and wants to support his people. By choosing us, you can be sure that your travel dollars are being reinvested wisely to support, strengthen and empower the indigenous people of Peru.

Here are some of the ways we are helping:
  • Since 2012 we host an annual Christmas party for the families of our parties at their local communities.
  • Since 2014 we provide schools in rural areas with basic supplies like paper and pens
  • Since 2016 we financially support two students from rural mountain communities in their tourism studies.

Annual Christmas party

Community is a core value of incatrekkers. Every Christmas, we invite our employees and their families to a festive dinner. This is a wonderful opportunity to unite and bond over a delicious meal and hot chocolate. The children especially get excited to open their Christmas presents!

Basic supplies for schools

Incatrekkers has been providing supplies for schools in various rural communities in the Cusco area. By supplying children with basic materials, they can pursue what is their right to an education and build their communities up.

Rural communities student support

We have been supporting two students Cesar and Fermin from rural mountain communities with their housing and tuition fees for tourism studies. In exchange, they have the opportunity for salaried practical experience with our company. Upon completion of their studies, they will have the opportunity to work as guides for incatrekkers. Studen Fermin (right)
Student Cesar (2nd right) with Juve (2nd left)

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